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Founded on 1st April 2004, the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) is an independent administrative institution that provides comprehensive set of services for supporting Japanese and international students. JASSO has integrated and reorganised the international study and exchange programmes formerly run by public corporations Association of International Education, Japan, Center for Domestic and Foreign Students, International Students Institute, and Kansai International Students, as well as the international study scholarship services, student life surveys, and other activities previously handled by the national government.

JASSO mission is to be the centre to provide information to Japanese wishing to study overseas and international students seeking to study in Japan. JASSO operates overseas representative offices at the below-mentioned countries and provides consultation in person and by phone, snail mail and email, to people who are interested to further their higher education in Japan. The branches are located in Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia, and continues to expand its services.
Learn more about JASSO, Please visit JASSO Websit : http://www.jasso.go.jp
What's new in JASSO
1.) JASSO Follow-up Research Fellowship
2.) JASSO Follow-up Research Guidance
3.) JASSO E-mail Magazine For Former International Students
The green wing represents young people opening up to their potential. The orange part, in the shape of the palm of a hand, represents JASSO's role as youth support. The two shapes combine to form the letter "S", which stands for the first letter of "Student Services".

In addition, the green represents sound growth of the younger generation, and the orange represents JASSO's philosophy and enthusiasm toward its activities.
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